Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!!

Hope you're all having a great Labor Day Weekend!!

I am once again back after being on vacation this past week.  I enjoyed a nice week away from work, spent a few days down at my parents house in Massachusetts, and a few days with some friends from college.  Like all vacations it went by way to fast, but I'm still grateful for the time I did get to spend with friends and family.... and grateful for the trip to Ikea my Mom and I took :-)

But now it's time to get serious.

Time for me to refocus on my weight loss journey.

Time for me to finally clean our my closet (a task that I have been avoiding all summer)

Time for me to get knitting for some beautiful bouncing babies that are due for some family members.

And time to refocus on my career, and figuring out whats next.

What better time to do all this than autumn?  It's my favorite season, despite the fact that winter is what follows.  The new fashion, the changing leaves, the pumpkin flavored everything, the fall decorations, and the new TV seasons starting up again.

Definitely sad the beautiful summer weather is gone, but definitely ready for fall :-)

halloween animated GIF

Friday, August 22, 2014

No One Said Life Was Easy

Yesterday was one of those days that one minute seemed to be going good, and then the next... not as good.  I mean it wasn't that horrible, but still good have been better.

To start out I did my weekly weigh in for Weight Watcher's Online, and found out I gained a few pounds back.  Not a huge deal, I know I was not very good about my diet last week, so I was expecting it.  Thats part of the journey right? When it comes to losing weight you have good days and bad days, no use in stressing over the bad, just move on and start again.

weight animated GIF
Oh Honey Boo Boo....

So I continued on with my morning like usual, enjoying my English muffin and eggs while watching the news (which is so depressing I wonder why I bother watching).

Then it was time to head to work, which was a lovely grey, gloomy, wet commute the whole way.  I sat in my car for a little bit in the parking lot before walking in hoping the rain would stop, of course it didn't.  The minute I entered the door I realized I left the my magazine I brought to read in the car.  Ok, still not a big deal, just a bummer.

car animated GIF

The rest of my day continued on normal for the most part, although a little out of the usual since the rain prevented me from taking my walk during my first 15 minute break.

Finally it stopped raining around 3:00, so I decided I would take my walk around the office complex during my last break of the day.  I had my ear buds one walking along to Becky G's song "Shower," getting in the groove..... well the walking groove.  Go figure about 4 minutes into my normally 12 minute walk, my shoe catches a crack in the sidewalk and I go tumbling onto the ground with my cell phone landing face down.... I am still praying no one saw me hit the ground.  Of course I pick p my phone to find the super thick screen protecter is cracked.  I haven't actual removed it from the phone, so I am praying the cracks didn't go down to the actual screen.

Falling High Heels animated GIF
at least she can blame it on the heels :-)

To top it all off, after a long, slow commute home.  I realized I never took out a chicken breast from the freezer..... guess whose having a bagel for dinner.

And so I sit here on my futon, a bag of ice on each knee, thinking about how my day wasn't all that great... but I'm still smiling.   So today certainly wasn't the best day of my life, I know I am still blessed to simply be here.  Blessed to be a part of Weight Watchers, blessed to have rain, blessed to be able to walk, and blessed to have chicken in my house at all.


*** If I sound like I'm whining, I'm sorry.  But when I sat down to right this post.... this just flowed right out****

Have a happy weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let Go and Let God

So part of the reason I went on a break was because I have felt so stuck, bored, and just not completely happy with my life.  I was talking to my mom about it the other day, that where I am now isn't what I thought it would be.

I thought my now I would be married, or at least engaged.

Living in a city, maybe New York, Boston, or my current obsession... Pittsburgh (went there last March and absolutely loved it).

Having a successful career in a field I love (not sure what).

And yet, here I am 25 years old.  Not engaged or even in a relationship.  Living in Essex, VT (not even close to a city)  Still working an entry level position, that I am certainly grateful to have, but not in love with.

I find myself constantly having to remind myself that what is meant to be will be.  I am a follower of God and know He is always by my side.  I know that I need to have patience, because He is guiding me through this life.  I know that as long as I have faith, and trust Him, it will all work out.

The greatest test of Faith is when, You prayed to god for something and you didn  get it still you able to say thank you lord thats what i called the true faith,Famous Bible Verses, Jesus Christ , daily inspirational quotes with images,  bible verses for inspiration

I know that I may not understand His plan for me, but that is part of trusting God, following even if I don't understand.

So, while things may not have turned out as I imagined, it's okay.  It will all work out, and when I am ready He will guide me to the next chapter in my life.    Who knows, maybe in the coming I'll be packing everything up for my dream loft in Pittsburgh beginning my successful career, only He knows.